The Blv, the newest brasserie/cocktail bar in Belleville

Last Saturday, I was joining my friend I. at belleville for coffee.


"Where do we meet ? she asked

- Let's go to The Triplettes, I said

- OK"


Whilst walking between Belleville & Menilmontant station, I pass in front of   terrace with the whitest tables & an all white & green decoration. BEAUTIFUL. "Oh ! I really have to go check this address later ! I don't know this one !"


That's what I did. Hence this post :)


Adress so fresh : it just opened on February 16th.

God is in the details. As they say. 


The food & drink menu is presented inside a book, on the tables. That's cute :)

And the tables themselves, even if they are in the great parisian brasseries table style, distinguish themselves by a really nice Zinc round.


Decoration speaking, the place is already noticeable.


1 place, 2 moods

The place is composed of 2 sub-parts.


On one hand, the restaurant & it's food menu. The kitchen opens at 7 pm, so I didn't get the chance to test it, but I'd love to try the vegetarian bobun.


On the other hand, there's the cocktail bar (9 euros / cocktail).


One place, 2 moods.




I didn't taste the food, but the place seems promising.


Who will accompany me to eat there ? 




Kisses !




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