Fly me to the moon

It was Sunday. We were leaving the MK2 bibliothèque movie-theater & on the way back home we passed in front of the weirdest room... 


A dozen people were plugged to a giant octopus, with helmets on. 


Brownian movements by some, others are motionless, others have playstation controllers in their hands... 


 A bit scary, I have to say :)


OBVIOUSLY, we went in !


This weird room is in fact the last virtual reality venue, open since a little less than 2 months (December 2016).


12 experiences are proposed, in total immersion & total...non reality :)

How does mk2 VR works ?

You have to make a reservation for a time slot, then you wait for your turn.


Well, that part's nice : the VR (virtual reality) room is in the same space as the Perchoir. You know, the rooftop bar in Menilmontant and on the BHV Marais. 

We can then have a drink whilst waiting, or after :) 



When it is your turn, you go inside the room & you go from experience to experience. 


It's kind of crazy :)


Le perchoir mk2 -
Le perchoir mk2 -

What are the available experiences ?

Video games, like Star wars Battlefront or simply watching a movie, like Assasin's Creed

Star Wars
Star Wars

You can play a Star Wars character in the special Battlefront videogame : in a spaceship you are in the midst of an intergalactic war ! Well, if you are not familiar with the PS controller, no need to go there. 


OR else, you can be the inside spectator of a movie by following Assasin's Creed hero. That's not so bad ! 

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed

Fly over Paris in "I'm like a bird" mode

Last but not least, I tested the experience of flying over Paris !

Well, it's not actual REAL Paris, it's a post-apolcalyptic Paris.

It's the jungle everywhere in the streets, nature has reclaimed, Sacré Coeur stairs are replaced by a waterfall etc.


The experience offers you to pretend to be a BIRD and FLY over and in Paris streets.



The presentation video is really catchy, there it is just below.

Well... In Real life it is not the same effect.

Proof of this : you will also find below a video of me whilst testing the flying over Paris experience.


You'll see there's a slight difference between advertisement & real life... event if it's virtual reality :) 



It's super fun... just don't be afraid of being ridicule because you REALLY look DUMB :) :) :)

Practical information

How much ?

12 euros / 20 min

20 euros / 40 minutes 


For now, online reservation are not available, you need to show up & wait for your turn... Maybe soon ? I called, they are working on it.


Opening hours

Wednesday 2pm > 9pm

Thursday 5pm > 10pm

Friday 5pm > 10pm

Saturday 1pm > 10pm

Sunday 1pm > 7pm



Des bisous ! 


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