My top 3 adresses for twelfth-night cakes


Friday, it's the Epiphany !

Barely out of end of year celebrations that we already have to start eating again !



Well, to be fair, twelfth-night cake is slightly different : one can be King or Queen for the day/evening.

And THAT is cool :-)


Unless of course there's a child present during the celebration : the precious (e.g the little figurine hidden inside the traditionnal cake, called "feve" in France) will "miraculously" be found by the above-mentioned child.

#jealousy #yesiamchildishsowhat


Anyway, I looked around to dig up what Epiphany celebration treats Paris pastry shops were up to this year, and here is my top 3 for you, lucky people.


3 original ideas to change from the traditionnal recipe : a Pavlova, a brioche & an eclair.


#1 Gluten free pavlova

You know me : as far as cakes are concerned, I am faithful to la Meringaie. 


For Epiphany they offer a special recipe + it's gluten free, for intolerant kings & queens :-)


Its little name : the Marie-Antoinette.

The recipe : Meringue, almond cream, pears, raspberry, sliced almonds.


Almost (almost!) detox 



How much ?

 Individual : 5,20 €

Verrine : 5,70 €

4 / 6 / 8 people : 19,50 € / 29 € / 39 €.


Adress : 

21 rue de Lévis

Paris 17

#2 Cyril Lignac for the brioche

Cyril Lignac pastry shops offer this year, aside from the traditionnal recipe, a "Kings Cake", for those who fancy a good brioche.


A tasty proposal with a brioche perfumed with orange flower, pistachios, candied fruit & orange zests. 

How much ?

Individual 4 €

6-8 people 25 €


Adress :

All Cyril Lignac pastry shops, 4 adresses in Paris (Paris 6è, 11è, 15è, 16è)

#3 King's eclair

This is l'Eclair de Genie's one.

This recipe is definitely the most-alike (is that even english? lol) to the original one. 

With its frangipane cream (well, with Madagascar vanilla, but still hihi) & a flaky pastry 100% butter


There's also the "tart-cake" but might be too much for the stomach.



How much ?

5,50 € the individual eclair

(If you buy 4, a feve is hidden in one of them)


Adress :

Several in Paris (Paris 2è, 4è, 6è, 9è & 18è)

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Des bisous !




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