At Eiffel Tower's feet

The FRAME ou FR/AME : the Pullman Hôtel brasserie

Here is a thing I never thought I'd write down : last saturday, I took a carriage ride in Paris.




That being said, at the end of the tour, we were heading to Bir Hakeim to take the line 6 and we passed in front of a restaurant with huge glass window, a cra-zy pretty decoration inside & we were hungry.



OF COURSE we entered the place.


Nothing to do with it, but they have this CUUUUTE LITTLE Tabasco bottles !! :) :) :)
Nothing to do with it, but they have this CUUUUTE LITTLE Tabasco bottles !! :) :) :)

How is it inside ?

When you come in, a lovely bar says "welcoooome" :)


At your left, the restaurant, at your right and beyond, a babyfoot & the reception of the Pullman Hotel.


Cloackroom's available (yeay) & a totally open kitchen = trust the cook, as Mom says !



Visiter Paris Poppins
The bar
Visiter Paris Poppins
The open kitchen

What are we eating ?

La carte Frame

Here is a part of the menu, but overall it is a mix between french & californian cuisine. 


We tasted the Truffle Burger with an aïoli truffled sauce with parmesan cheese. ANYTHING with both truffle & parmesan cheese have to be ordered. This is a Paris Poppins rule ;) ;) ;)  


The sauce was awesome ! The meat, a little less...


The cauliflower & clam soup was exactly what I needed on that freezin' day.


Their peculiarity : they grow their vegetables themselves

A 400 squaremeters of vegetable garden below the hotel allows the Chef and the Barmen to harvest their products for their creations.


Difficult to be more LOCAL than this :) :) 

How does it cost ?

Dishes : between 15 & 22 euros

Desserts & apetizers : between 8 & 15 euros


Parisian prices, overall.


Little regret : I did not have the Café Gourmand, it was looking sooo good. 


Next time, though !





The best table ?

On the terrace of course, when it's hot and nice outside !

Otherwise, any of the large window-adjacent table will do :)


Infos pratiques

Métro Bir Hakeim

(Ligne 6)


Opening Hours

Lunch 12h - 14h30

Dinner 19h - 22h30


Brunch : Sundays 


Et faites une fleur à vos amis: partagez ce post ;) 


Des bisous !



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