The Elephant in the room : O-M-G !

Me, the first time I went to see the show :

"S*** !!! This is AWESOME !

I have to go back to see it again !"


Me, the second time I went to see the show :

"OMG... I am sooooo going back to see that, this is too beautiful !" 



And here I am, on Bobino's website, checking to go a 3rd time. 


The show's called The Elephant in the room.


It is CRAZY good.


1/4 of circus, 1/4 of theatre, 1/4 of burlesque, 1/4 of poetry wrapped up in humour. 


You put that in a superb production, where music & light form the best couple EVER made, and you have THE MUST SEE show of the season.


They're playing at Bobino's until January 14th 2017 only !

cirque leroux

Multipass artists :)

They're four on stage.

And they can do it ALL

Acrobatics, comedy, magic, strip, clown, twirling in all directions...


Sooo impressive ! 


Lolita, alias Betty Barrick on stage,

Yannick, alias Mr Barrick, 

Philip, alias Mr Chance,

& Grégory, alias Bouchon (alias elasticman for me hihi)


They spend the show carrying each other & going ups and downs. Most of the carrying done by Yannick, though :)


And Lolita as a the most carried one, for whom you'll hold your breath more than once during the show :)


Mr Chance & Bouchon, they serve us with delicious duet figures.


What a TRUST they must have each one another to do the figures they do....

Gives me the chills ! :)



I left there with the desire to come back, and also with the willing to work on my abs some more... ;)


Cirque Leroux - The Elephant in the room
(c) Frank W.Ockenfels

What a light !


God, the light. 


My preferred moment of the show : this part where the scene is barely enlightened, and the lights go crazy next to the dancers / gymnasts / actors ...



I don't know how to call them anymore !



Just go see the show already.

From Tuesday to Saturday at Bobino theatre (Gaité or Montparnasse metro)


Where to sit to see best ?

- 1st row of the mezzanine


- on the sides, ont the somehow raised rows




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