Coats for Cold

God it's freezing !


In a heartbeat, I send a text to my friend Z, she lives in Canada : "Z, HELP : what are the brands you Canadian people buy for winter days ?"


Her answer below : 3 brands



No frills with this brand: long and short versions, tightened at the sleeves and waist so that not an ounce of cold infiltrates.

$ 695 for the coat on the first photo, $ 785 for the second one.

Yes, prices of the 3 brands are of this order.

Do not kill the messenger, I'm just delivering the information :)


Short or long version, coats with duck down & water repellent outside fabric ++

The first is at the sweet price of $ 795, the second $ 695.


The most popular of the 3, in France.  Forget the fat black or red parka that everyone knows.

The brand has developed a series of lightweight jackets, much more adapted to Parisian life.

It costs $ 550, the one in the photo up there.


These 3 brands have in common that they are :

- checked by Canadian people, that seem to be rich enough to buy such things

- loose the sexy-attitude with that on the back, ain't gonna happen

- and lucky you, it is Christmas ... ask for your special "grand froid" coat


See you !!



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Des bisous !



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