Sunday, it's brunch at Marcella's

Italy, I love you

Just openned on october 3rd,  Marcella is THE new chic italian spot of Villiers quartier, in the 17th arrondissement.


It was about time I write an article on it, after my 5th meal there !




Pleasure of the eyes & in the plate

Decoration is very well thought ! I was dining yesterday there with a friend of mine, who is Art Director, and she loved it !

Wood, zinc, marble, big fat comfy chairs for the cosy part, a wooden ceiling and smooth lights are all there to make you feel good.


Surprisingly, the place is less noisy than I thought : the restaurant is near to a crossroad, but still ok. For the road noises, I mean :) Ambiance noise depending on the chatter :)


For delicate ears, the upstairs space is less crowded, hence calmer :)

But often reserved on the weekends.


One place, 2 moods

Downstairs, lively atmosphere, chairs/zinc/high table. If you are into expresso machine purr & idling while contemplating what's happening on the outside, that's your spot.


Upstairs, big comfy chairs & cocoon mood. Go there to read a book, eat/drink quietly. 


Lively mood
Lively mood
Cocoon mood
Cocoon mood

In the plate

Antipastis, pasta, sharing aperitivo & italian dishes pretty classical (a tasty osso bocco for instance).

Quality is definitely there.

Few burgers (very filling !) on the menu, but pasta is the queen of it.


Tortellinis are delight, extra parmigianno & deli. 


 A disappointment thought : the "burrata" announced int he antipastis menu is so small !! More a "burratina" than a real burrata :-/


The week end pleasure of it all : the buffet brunch at 29 euros, with all of Italy spread on various tables ! 


Practical information







1 Boulevard de Courcelles 75017

(métro Villiers)



16 - 30 euros le repas



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    Morgane (dimanche, 27 novembre 2016 00:21)

    J'approuve !! J'adore cet endroit ! :)