Jean Imbert bread bowls : les bols de Jean

What's that ? 

Well, those are Jean Imbert bread bowls.

This is food served in a bowl... made of bread !

Leavened bread.

Which top was buttered & toasted.






OK, I admit, this is not the latest restaurant that opened in Paris, but as you know, I already write article about places I tested & tried.


I checked that place over my todolist ;)


bon plan food les bols de Jean

Original & seasonal recipes

Menu has already changed since I've been there, but the must-eat are there. 


There are cold recipes, such as quinoa salad / caesar salad


warm recipes, such as beef gratin / cauliflower mousse



This is quite a performance anyway: to keep warm ingredients with bechamel sauce in a bun without it going apart or dismanteling





Desserts are also available, they change over seasons also :)


bon plan food manger à paris poppins
BOL DU CHEF Boeuf haché d'Aubrac sauce tomates Compotée d'aubergines et oignons Béchamel gratinée à l'emmental (13,50€)

Practical information

FYI they do deliveries... ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)



Anyway !



For Lunch : everyday but Sunday (11h - 16h)

For Dinner : Thursday - Friday - Saturday only (19h - 21h30)



2 Rue de Choiseul, 75002 Paris

Métro Quatre Septembre

Have a good week you all !

Des bisous !



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