The Juicerie's Healthy Saturday Brunch !

My good resolutions come and go, as a cycle :)  

This week end, my GO GREEN and GO HEALTHY mood is back !


To honor that feeling, I had Brunch at La Juicerie. 


This brunch is on my To-Do List for a while.

So saturday morning, after yoga class and before my 3 pm appointment, I asked my friend J to join me at 2 rue de la Michodière, in order to FINALLY test this brunch.


Test = conclusive :)

Ambiance cosy & déco less is more

There are 12 seats available in there, TOPS ! Just enough to feel pretty privileged to be there :)


With its white tiles, it has a little "Breaking Bad" theme.


It's kind of the Breaking Bad of juices : the cold pressed juices manufacture :)


I won't re-list available juices, they're in my earlier post on la Juicerie :) 

YES, I dit write another article on it. And No, I am not paid for that :)


Juicerie Mister K bon plan brunch Kale, ananas, pomme, concombre & citron vert !

What do we eat there ?

In the brunch menu, you'll find :


- 1 fresh juice, for the vitamin SHOOT

- 1 tea or coffee, for the conforting & warm and/or for cafeine addiction of some of us :) Raise you hand if you feel concerned ;)

- 1 Açaï bowl OU 1 Chia pudding, those protein & energy BOMBS

- 1 Avocado toast, to feel pretty full

Juicerie menu brunch

Where's this place ? How much does it cost ?

Adress : 2 rue de la Michodière 

métro Opéra or Quatre Septembre


Saturday, it's open between 11 am & 3 pm.


Brunch is 20,90 euros.

Tartine avocat
Brunch Juicerie
Açaï bowl

Why is it an A address ?

Because it's :

- 100% homemade (you can see them prepare your food, an open kitchen = confidence :p )

- 100% organic,

- 10% fresh


& so it's 100% validated !



Plus, we are used to get out from healthy brunches with a half-full stomach... well this is NOT the case here :) 


That being said, have a nice week end everyone !!





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