The Roch Hotel & Spa : the newest hidden terrace in Paris

It's sunday, the weather is so perfect & you would like to enjoy the (maybe) last sunlights in Paris ?

Because WHO KNOWS when is going to be the next sunshiny day ;) ;)



And so there you are, looking for a terrace :

- not on a noisy boulevard

- where you can actually catch the sun

- not too crowded 

- with nice waiters/tresses


I do have an address for you : le Roch Hôtel & Spa, à Paris 1er.

bon plan terrasse cachée paris poppins

A TWO terraces plan

To be fair, this absolutely quiet hotel have not one but TWO terraces :

- one "patio-like", sheltered from the wind

- a second one, just above the restaurant



On shiny days, get on the second terrace to refill your vitamin D levels :) 


How much does it cost ?

It's 4 euros for a coffee.


Yeah, well : you have to pay a little for the quiet & the delight of a secret place in Paris


Plus, amazing interior and really friendly staff are also nice features of the place.


Those things matter :)

bon plan terrasse cachée paris poppins
Le Roch Hôtel and Spa


Where is it ?


28 rue Saint Roch

75001 Paris

(métro Pyramides)


At what time does it open ?


For a drink or a coffe, whenever = it's a hotel !


Otherwise :

Breakfast: 7h à 10h30 (until 11h weekend)

Lunch : 12h à 14h (menu lunch break at 29€)

Tea Time : 15h à 17h30

Dinner : 19h30 à 22h00


bon plan terrasse cachée paris poppins
Le Roch Hôtel and Spa
bon plans paris poppins bonnes adresses que faire à paris

Des bisous !



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