Affordable Yoga : the real deal

In Paris, there's a lot of studios that provide Yoga classes.

Like… A LOT.

And they practically all have one thing in commun : they are CRAZY expensive

20 or 25 euros/class,  200 euros / 3 months class

Guys !! We are seekin yoga class in order to feel good, not to get bankrupt ! ☺


Well, I have THE place to go for those who wanna get more yoga in their lives ! 


Affordable yoga, the real deal

Anna Khuade is the founder of « Affordable Yoga and Fitness ». She arrived in Paris several years ago.


As soon as she arrived, she started looking for places to practice yoga, but she encountered a major stumbling block: yoga sessions’ prices were outrageously expensive.


That's when Anna created a meetup group on January 31st, 2013.

Her goal : to make yoga affordable to all, financially, geographically and emotionally. 

Later on, she discovered "les salles St Roch", a place in which one can rent classrooms for a reasonable price inside Paris.


That’s how it all started !


Why you need to try Affordable yoga

A FREE class for Paris Poppins affiliates

Starting today, and in collaboration with Affordable Yoga's team, Paris Poppins affiliates are offered a free trial class for any 60 or 90 minutes yoga session with the code "PARIS POPPINS" !


Careful : it expires on September 30th


How to attend my free class ?

You need to:

- create an account on

- attend the yoga session you chose, without booking on the website

- give the code "PARIS POPPINS" to the teacher onsite


Easy as pie.

P.S: the code is valid only one time


1st reason = Money

Pretty affordable fares


Drop-in prices

6 euros for 60 min

10 euros for 90 mins


Class pass

28 euros for five 60 min sessions

48 euros for five 90 min sessions

There is no expiration date for these passes !!

There is no expiration date for these passes !!

(YES I wrote in twice, as that is pretty noticeable)


The aim of affordable yoga is to make you practice yoga,  not to make you spend money.

2nd reason : location

 Classes are given in various Paris locations :


-St Roch rooms, 35 rue Saint roch, Pyramides station

- Studio Bleu, 14 boulevard Poissonière, Grands Boulevards Metro, or 7 rue des petites écuries, Château d’eau station

- 119 avenue du Général Leclerc, Porte D’Orléans station

-13 Place Etienne Pernet, Felix Faure station 

- At Tuileries, outdoors.

3rd reason : wellbeing & health benefits of yoga

As Many People DO NOT know, yoga practice is NOT about staying in a comfortable position could during one hour, doing nothing.

It is an excellent way of building large muscle groups, especially the deep postural muscles, and where flexibility is important.


Yoga is balance.


Affordable Yoga classes also bring a spiritual dimension to practice: caring for oneself and for others, well-being in general are emphasized.

4th reason : amazing teachers


Kindness is their common quality, always in a good mood, they are passionate about yoga.


So, let's summarize :)

The pros

The price, the wellness it provides, the quality of teachers, the good atmosphere brought along each session, flexibility ! ( we can book for a class and if needed we can cancel it till one hour before without being charged ) and to begin, one free class with PARIS POPPINS code ☺


The cons

Many (many) people attend sessions, affordable yoga sessions are victim of their success ☺  


Specific aspects

Classes are in English language


So you know what to do, guys : share this post so that you can find your partner for your free class ☺


Kisses !



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